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Welcome to IPSCA


Institute of Physical Science, Culture and Arts (IPSCA) is a college registered under the rules of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia. IPSCA has been approved on 17th June 2013 as a private college under paragraphs 10 (1) (a) the private higher educational institutions Act 1996 (Act 555). Institute of Physical Science, Culture and Arts (IPSCA) was established as a private higher education institutions that will produce skilled worker with several organizations and NGOs which are new courses offered in Malaysia . IPSCA will be in cooperation with ministries that will be involved and the institutions from abroad.

Diploma in Urut Melayu

The programmes offered in the faculty aim to produce graduates who have a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical principles in ...

Diploma in Martial Arts Science

The Martial Arts Program of the IPSCA has had a twofold mission. In addition to providing successful, quality technical instruction ...

Diploma in Management

Lifelong learning is defined as all learning activity under taken through out life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills ...

Mission & Vision

IPSCA Vision Statement:

“College of choice in physical science, culture and arts.”


IPSCA Mission Statement:

Be an institution of higher learning in the field of choice and alternative medicine, martial and fitness in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and around the world that offer various levels of education, training and professional development, consultancy and research.



  • Providing a variety of programmes that are intensive, flexible and holistic in the field of wellness, complementary health care and martial arts.
  • Providing a conducive learning environment and facilities with highly qualified staff.
  • To produce quality graduates who are highly marketable in the related industry