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Faculty of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship

FTeM implementing an important role in creating a professional at entrepreneurship-oriented companies, employees at large/ medium firms, founders of start-ups with knowledge in the areas of technology management and entrepreneurship. By diversifying the courses into both functional and practice-based, graduates will be competent with the skills in technical marketing, managing technical human resources, and leadership and communication.


FTeM management team is headed by a Dean, assisted by two deputy deans and two departmental heads.


Cluster of Technology Management.

Programs offered :

Diploma in Leadership and Management (PA/MQA 10493)


Certificate of Mobile Fast Photography/ Videography (N/KJP/0097)

Certificate of Basic Video Making (Movie Maker / Adobe Premiere) (N/KJP/00090)

Corparate Leadership Workshop

Integrated Teambuilding Program

Talent Management Program


Cluster of Entrepreneurship.

Programs offered :

Diploma in Entrepreneurship


Certificate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Certificate in Entrepreneur & Exploration of Herbs and Cosmetics

Integrated Entrepreneurial Contemporary Practices

Certified Mentoring Practitioner

Certified Integrated Trainer

Certified Integrated Coaching




Dean, Faculty of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (FTeM-IPSCA)
Zam @ Ab Razak Zamri, PhD



Deputy Dean, Faculty of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (FTeM-IPSCA) 

Dr. Suhana@Husin bin Misnan



Head of Cluster, Faculty of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (FTeM- IPSCA)

Mohd Fuad Ariff

Free Events

02 Jun

Program Pengajian Jangka Pendek yang dapat membimbing para pengamal perubatan Melayu sediada untuk mewujudkan usahawan yang berilmu berpengetahuan dalam memberikan perkhidmatan yang sihat, selamat serta dapat ...

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
01 Jul

Join us today for the best future Entrepreneurship program. Diploma in Malay Massage & Certificate in Malay Massage under the Faculty of Malay Medicine.

  • Subang Jaya
    Selangor, Malaysia
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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