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Welcome to IPSCA


Institute of Physical Science, Culture and Arts (IPSCA) is a college registered under the rules of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia. IPSCA has been approved on 17th June 2013 as a private college under paragraphs 10 (1) (a) the private higher educational institutions Act 1996 (Act 555). Institute of Physical Science, Culture and Arts (IPSCA) was established as a private higher education institutions that will produce skilled worker with several organizations and NGOs which are new courses offered in Malaysia . IPSCA will be in cooperation with ministries that will be involved and the institutions from abroad.

Faculty of Malay Medicine

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Faculty of Martial Arts and Physical Science

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Faculty of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship

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Mission & Vision

IPSCA Vision Statement:

“College of choice in physical science, culture and arts.”


IPSCA Mission Statement:

Be an institution of higher learning in the field of choice and alternative medicine, martial and fitness in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and around the world that offer various levels of education, training and professional development, consultancy and research.



  • Providing a variety of programmes that are intensive, flexible and holistic in the field of wellness, complementary health care and martial arts.
  • Providing a conducive learning environment and facilities with highly qualified staff.
  • To produce quality graduates who are highly marketable in the related industry

Message from the President

The field of Martial Arts is a unique discipline on its own, created by the combined wisdom and teachings that have been provided to us by generations of passed on research and practice. Henceforth, we are now equipped to take on a even more detailed approach to the study of this field, unprecedented. We understand that Martial Arts are not knowledge alone, but a very systematic discipline and a way of life that deserves the utmost respect and attention for detail.


Our academic approach acknowledges this fact and makes use of the academic fields that are intrinsically related; such as sports science, management and business fundamentals to name a few, in order to bridge the existing gaps between the educational foundations of Academia and the hands on approach of most Martial Arts Schools. Among our latest initiatives is the collaboration with the International Universities Association of Physical Culture and Sports along with Malaysian Martial Arts Foundation. These partnerships ensure the long lasting commitment and the success of our programs.


Together, along with all the graduates and practitioners, this dedication and support is essential to the future accomplishments of IPSCA. Our plans include the inauguration of a new campus with full recognition by the government to support the field of Martial Arts as a full-fledged academic field of study. Martial Artists themselves therefore need to demonstrate unity in our perseverance in order to achieve this important acknowledgment.


I hope that with the success of all our graduates today, we will be able to attract more martial arts practitioners to attend courses and programs, in the continuous effort to produce skilled and competent individuals. Collectively, we will be able to create a bright future while documenting the vivid history of martial arts,both methodically and meritoriously.




Zam@Ab Razak Zamri, Ph.D

CEO's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website, Institute of Physical Science, Culture and Arts (IPSCA). I really hope that the information that you will find here are relevant and useful to you.


A higher education offers students more than just a body of knowledge or an area of expertise. In a life of continuous learning, a higher education cultivates student’s creativity, problem solving and leadership skills, which is vital in the success of their future careers. Therefore, at IPSCA, we are dedicated to giving you a vibrant and refine learning atmosphere to cultivate not only the all-important academic excellence but also the equally crucial hands on practical and communication skills.


IPSCA will provide human capital and skilled employment in the field of alternative medicine, culture of martial arts, fitness to meet the market demand. Curriculum development and teaching concepts developed through the merger of the power of knowledge, education and intensive research, ethics, professionalism, values and close ties between colleges, industry and universities with the concept based education success (outcome). Career development of graduates will be prioritized and managed systematically by the Center for Career Development through collaborative networking closely with selected industries.


Once again, we welcome you to our college and wish you all the best in your future undertakings.


Ilyana Ibrahim, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer,